Terms & Conditions

Key Points to Note for Safety of your Luggage

  • Your baggage is insured by a third-party insurance company and covered up to and including a maximum of $1000 per bag in the event of any loss or damage to your luggage, this includes the value of the bag/suitcase. Payment for service must have been done directly to Flitopia using the online service. No payment in cash or directly to the host.

  • Your baggage must not contain jewelry, cash or similar valuables. See §4, Para. 4.2 for a list of items, which are not covered by Flitopia, in case of any loss or damage to your baggage.

  • Payment from your card is made at the time of booking. However, in case you do not proceed to store your luggage with our host, you can request for a refund, which will be made within 15 working days of refund request.

  • Your baggage is safe with us. Only certified local hosts guaranteed by Flitopia are available through our service. Flitopia has incorporated safety procedures with all hosts to ensure the safety of your belongings.

  • Insurance coverage is applied to damage by fire, theft by third party, use of weapons or any act of God. Insurance does not cover theft by hosts. Flitopia makes necessary checks to ensures that the hosts are trustable with your luggage. However, in case a host is found to be involved in theft, legal proceedings are to be initiated against the host. Also, in case a Flitopia host is found to be involved in theft, it will solely be liability of the host and the customer agrees to indemnify Flitopia Limited and its employees against all such claims.   

  • Please stay updated with the host’s opening-hours as given to you after booking. Please return for pick-up at least 10 minutes earlier before the host’s closing time to both collect and check for any baggage claim.


Use of terms


Please note the use of terms in this document
“Flitopia” refers to Flitopia Limited.

  1. “Flitopia’s website” or “the website” refers to “Flitopia.co”

  2. “Luggage” or “storage item” refers to any “luggage”, “bag”, “purse” or items that are to be stored.

  3. “Host” or “Flitopia Host” refers to the storage provider. They are local businesses that are registered with Flitopia and have agreed to lend their space to store bags as per this document. Hosts have to be business owners and can only register as “host” in the capacity of a business owner, not in personal capacity. They are not affiliated with Flitopia. Even though Flitopia approves a Host application after thorough review and physical verification, Flitopia bears no responsibility for the actions of its hosts. All hosts, however, are required to ensure strict adherence to Flitopia’s terms and conditions as well as local laws.

  4. “Customer” refers to visitors of “Flitopia.co” who are “seekers of storage services”, “who would like to and/or proceed to book space for storing luggage”, “store luggage with one of Flitopia Hosts”, “pay for using Flitopia services as a platform for booking spaces for luggage” or “using the website in any non-administrative capacity except as Host”.

  5. “Storage” refers to storing of customer’s luggage by the host.

  6. “Host location” refers to the physical location of the host where the luggage is stored by them. Host location has to be a business location and not a place of residence. Example of host locations include, but are not limited to, coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, money changers, general store and flower shops.  

  7. “Storage Space” refers to the space inside the “host location” where the luggage is stored.

  8. Listings Page – The dedicated page on the website that gives details of all the hosts within the geographical limits in the search set by the customer and as per the information provided by the hosts

  9. Booking – means an arrangement for storage between a Host and a Customer where Flitopia facilitates this transaction through the Services provided on the Website. Booking contains, among other things, details on payment, number of items to be stored, date(s) and duration for which the storage space is needed.

  10. Price or Fee – means the total amount charged by Flitopia to the Consumer for a booking incl. but not limited to base price and taxes of the storage space.

  11. Booking Status means the stage at which the booking stands as of given time. They include “booked” which means the storage space is booked, “checked-in” which means that the “customer” has given the luggage to host to store it, “checked-out” which means that the customer has collected back the luggage from Host and “Completed”, which means that the booking process is completed.

  12. Seal refers to the physical seal that the Host puts up on luggage. Each seal has a unique serial number and can be used only once.

  13. Claim refers to any instance where customer contacts Flitopia for an amount related to value of luggage

  14. Refund refers to that booking amount deducted from customer’s account in an instance where customer makes a booking and does not store luggage with the concerned Flitopia Host.

  15. Complaint refers to any form of complaint, monetary or non-monetary and can be made by customers against hosts or/and Flitopia as well as by Hosts against customers or/and Flitopia.


1 The company

1.1 Flitopia.co is owned and operated by


Flitopia Limited

Suite LP40885
20-22 Wenlock Road
London  N1 7GU

Company Registration No. 11538908
E-mail: contact@Flitopia.co


2 Trading via the Website

2.1 Flitopia provides luggage storage for tourists/travellers on behalf of independent hosts via the specially developed Flitopia Website (hereafter called “the Website”).


3 Using the Website

3.1 It is possible to book storage via the Website 24/7. Orders made outside the host’s opening hours can only be used the following day once the host has opened. The individual host’s opening hours are listed on the Website for each host.

3.2 The Website will periodically close due to updates and maintenance. Please check clause 11 for details.

3.3 To reserve luggage storage, the customer must be over 18 years old and have a valid payment card in case of online payment.

3.4 Booking storage space on the Website:

3.4.1 The customer can book storage space in terms of slots at a Host (local host) that provide temporary storage of the desired luggage, using Fltiopia’s website. Only hosts with contracts to Flitopia will be visible. Bookings will be made on per day basis, with one slot being used for one bag. Customer is responsible for drop-off and collection of luggage and is therefore personally responsible for staying updated with the Host’s opening and closing hours which are mentioned on Flitopia.co, on each host’s booking page..

3.4.2 Upon visiting the website, customers will enter their desired location for luggage storage along with date and press “search”. Website will direct the customer to a Listings Page where details of all hosts available in the selected geographical location on the selected date, along with the available number of slots on the selected date will be shown. Customer will choose the desired host, visit its Flitopia page by following the link on the Listing Page and will proceed on to booking by confirming the number of bags and date. Customers can place multiple bookings at the same time.

3.5 Payment will be deducted at the time of payment.

3.6 Payment information is not stored by Flitopia and cannot be read by Flitopia or the host.

3.7 Payment information used when ordering cannot be changed while the luggage is stored. If the customer wishes to change the payment details, the customer needs to use any new payment details for any future payments from the Website.

3.8 The customer receives a receipt for each transaction made. Payment details are on the Website.

3.9 The estimated amount showed before any booking is made, is based on the customers filled in information.

3.10 Each booking made on Flitopia is done on per day basis. This means that when a booking is made, customer can use the booking space any time between 1 second and the maximum time allowed before the host closes their location for that day. Irrespective of number of seconds, minutes or hours the booking space is used on a day, flat booking rate for the whole day will be used.

3.11 Once the booking is made, customer will visit the Fltiopia host’s location for luggage drop-off on booked date. Once the customer informs host about booking, host will seal each luggage to be stored with a one-time use seal, carrying a unique serial number. After putting on the seal, host will then perform an online check-in on Flitopia.co for the customer’s booking, which signifies that the luggage has been stored. As part of check-in process, host will enter the seal number in system, which the customer is required to verify before it is entered as it cannot be changed later on. Once the check-in process is completed, status of booking will be changed to “Checked-In” and customer will be notified about it on email, including the seal number. If customer doesn’t have internet access, they’re advised to take picture of seal or note down seal # on a piece of paper. Customer can then leave the host location as per their plan.

3.12 Once customer will visit back the host location to pick-up luggage, host will hand them back their luggage upon inquiry. Luggage will have to be sealed using the same one-time seal used at the time of booking. Once customer has received the luggage, host will change the status of booking to “Checked Out” on Flitopia.co. Customer needs to verify before leaving the host location that the seal is the same used at the time of check-in and the host has changed the status to “Checked Out” once the luggage has been handed over. Once the status has been changed to “Checked Out”, this will signify that the booking has been completed.    

3.13 If customer does not proceed to store luggage with Flitopia host for a booking made by him/her, then the customer can request for a refund. Refunds will be made within 15 working days of refund request.


4 Which type of luggage

4.1 Flitopia offers storage of all standard types of luggage. The Website states if the individual host has limits to which type of luggage the host can store.

4.2 Customers are permitted to drop off standard luggage for storage. The following types of luggage are not considered as standard:

4.2.1 Jewellery

4.2.2 Cash

4.2.3 Weapons

4.2.4 Valuable documents

4.2.5 Life-saving medicine

4.2.6 Explosive items and substances

4.2.7 Flammable fluids etc.

4.2.8 Live animals

4.2.9 Perishable goods; including food etc.that are not packed or sealed

4.2.10 Narcotics

4.2.11 Items that are illegal to possess according to law of the land and international law.

4.2.12 Fragile items that are not suitable for storage with other luggage.

4.2.13 Items with significant sentimental value

4.2.14 Other items similar to those in pt. 4.2.1

4.3 Please be aware that the host has the right to ask you to open your luggage to make sure that no forbidden belongings are stored in your luggage.

4.4 All valuable items must be placed in an area in the luggage that can be locked off by the customer.

4.5 Damage or loss of the items covered in pt. 4.2 or in accordance with pt. 4.3, are not covered by Flitopia or the host, and are therefore the customer’s own responsibility.

4.6 Flitopia and the host have the right to refuse storing luggage that contains items listed in point 4.2.

4.7 Should Flitopia or the host become aware that any luggage stored contains the items listed in pt. 4.2, depending on the nature of the item, they are entitled to destroy or remove the item, hand it over to the police or other authority, ensure suitable storage at the customer’s cost or in any other way take the necessary action for the relevant items.

4.8 Actions taken following pt. 4.6 shall be without any liability to Flitopia or the host and at the customer’s expense, in the event the action has led to costs for Flitopia or the host.

4.9 Luggage is insured and covered up to and including a maximum of $1000 incl. VAT and including the price of the bag itself.


5 Risk of luggage

5.1 When the luggage has been dropped off at the host and the customer has received an electronic receipt after host check in the luggage on Flitopia’s system, the risk of damage to the luggage is transferred to Flitopia’s host. See 7, para. 7.2 for insurance coverage details once the risk of damage is transferred to Flitopia host.

5.2 Once the luggage has been collected from the host and the customer has received a receipt for collection, the luggage is at the customer’s risk.

5.3 All luggage items are to be sealed using one-time use seals with each seal carrying a unique seal number. Hosts are strictly not allowed to break any seals once checked-in, except for scenarios mentioned in clause 10.


6 Cancellation

6.1 The consumer law in United Kingdom applies to purchases via Flitopia.co.

6.2 Customer can cancel booking before checking in at host’s location. In this case, customer can apply for a refund which will be made within 15 working days.

6.3 Since bookings are made on per day basis with Flitopia,


7 Complaints, errors and deficiencies

7.1 Flitopia communicates the storage service between the customer and the individual host.

7.2.1 The host is responsible for any damage to the luggage, theft of or from the luggage or loss as a result of late delivery of the luggage as a result of neglect from the host’s side.

7.2.2 Any damage to the luggage, theft of or from the luggage or loss as a result of late delivery of the luggage, which is not the result of neglect from the host’s side will be covered upto $1000 by Insurance Company.

7.3 Upon collection of luggage from the host, the customer is entitled to check for any visible signs of unauthorised access to the luggage during storage. If there are signs that the baggage has been accessed during storage, the customer must instantly complain to the host, which then will inform Flitopia within 24 hours.

7.4 Complaints about the host should can be made to Flitopia. In case of theft by the host, customers are advised to contact the local law enforcement agencies.

7.5 Complaints are sent to Flitopia within a reasonable timeframe after the customer has discovered the fault.

7.6 Neither party is responsible for the other’s loss caused by force majeure. Force majeure is taken to mean (but not limited to):

7.6.1 breakdown in/lack of access to IT systems or damage to data in these systems, which can lead to the terms below, regardless of whether it is Flitopia or an external supplier operating the systems,

7.6.2 failure of power supply or telecommunications, legislative or administrative acts, natural disasters, war, riot, civil commotion, sabotage, terrorism or vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking);

7.6.3 strikes, lockouts, boycotts or picketing, regardless of whether the conflict is directed at or initiated by the lessor himself or lessor organisation and regardless of the conflict reason, or

7.6.4 Other circumstances outside the Party’s or host’s control

7.7 Parties’ freedom from responsibility, ref. pt. 7.6 does not apply if:

7.7.1 A party should have foreseen the conditions that caused the loss when the order for luggage storage was made, or could have avoided the reason for loss, or

7.7.2 legislation makes the party responsible for the conditions that led to the loss.

7.8 Flitopia’s liability to pay for a customer’s loss, under any circumstances, will not be more than what is covered by insurance and will always be paid via its insurance partner. Flitopia will not be responsible for any consequential damage or claims resulting from possible loss of goods, issues with its website or issues occuring at any status of booking.

7.9 Flitopia will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss to host resulting from offering storage services. Hosts are encouraged to take all necessary measures to verify that the storage items do not carry any items mentioned in clause 4.


8 Incorrect information

8.1 The individual host is responsible for updating information about available capacity, opening hours etc. but reserves the right to make errors in this information.

8.2 If the customer discovers an error or incorrect information, the customer is encouraged to contact Flitopia or the relevant host.

8.3 Flitopia cannot be held responsible if the luggage ordered cannot be dropped off as ordered, but Flitopia will make all efforts and strive to refer the customer  to another Flitopia host that can suit to the needs of customer.


9 Hosting on Flitopia

9.1 Hosts are required to provide correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge information which is requested by Flitopia.

9.2 Host will receive notification via email once a booking has been placed for their location. Once customer steps in at the host location and hands over the luggage for storage, host will put a one-time use seal on each luggage item, and then change the status of that booking to “Checked In” on Flitopia’s website. Host will also enter the unique seal number(s) for the seals applied on each of the luggage items. Host will then proceed to store the luggage at their location while customer will leave the shop. Once the customer comes back to pick up their luggage, host will hand over the luggage to customer and change the status of booking to “Checked Out”. Checked Out status signifies that the storage service has been delivered and completed. It is imminent that the seal(s) used on each storage item are the same and unbroken.

9.3 Hosts are strictly not allowed to break any seals once checked-in, except for scenarios mentioned in clause 10.

9.4 Hosts are required to store luggage in spaces that are not visible from the public eye. Examples of such storage spaces include but are not limited to cupboards, cabinet and stores.

9.5 Hosts are highly encouraged to keep storage spaces locked when not accessing them.

9.6 Hosts are required in their best possible ability to protect the luggage items stored with them and maintain honesty and integrity as a host. Hosts are required to not to store luggage in spaces that are vulnerable to excessive heat, catching fire or any other incident.  

9.7 Flitopia reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend a host from offering services at its website. Suspensions can generally occur due to a complaint from customer(s) that may include, but not limited to, theft, verbal or/and physical assault and destruction of luggage.

9.8 Hosts are entitled to earn 40{947058a937bdf3f7fb33575d08ed6b619aa41cdde4bb3c24ff358be8974e8136} to 50{947058a937bdf3f7fb33575d08ed6b619aa41cdde4bb3c24ff358be8974e8136} of the gross booking amount. Earning rate will be emailed separately to hosts upon successful recruitment.

9.9 Payments are made to hosts by Flitopia on monthly basis and will be sent to accounts of hosts by 5th day of each month, for the earnings made in the month before. If the host is a new sign-up or has rejoined after temporary suspension, then the host should have been in service with Flitopia for a minimum of 10 days in a month to qualify for payment by 5th day of next month. If the service period in a month is less than 10 days, then the earnings of that month will be accumulated with earnings of next month and will be paid in the month preceding the next month from the month of earning.

9.10 Hosts can request Flitopia to close their account which Flitopia will entertain within 15 working days, to be called “notice period”. During the notice period, i.e. till the host account is closed by Flitopia, hosts are required to continue offering storage services. In case of emergency, however, host can request Flitopia to waive off service requirement during notice period which will be on sole discretion of Flitopia to allow or not allow the waiver.


10 Circumstance when seal can be broken

10.1 Host can only break the seal on a stored luggage item in case of one of below two events.

10.1.1 In case of legal compliance where the host is required by a law enforcement official or/and a court order to break the seal and check the content of luggage. In this case, hosts are highly recommended to make a video recording of breaking the seal and opening the luggage to check all its content. It is also recommend that in such a case, host make a list of all items present in the luggage along with their quantities and get it signed from the law enforcement official.  

10.1.2 In case of a life threatening situation which includes but is not limited to an armed robbery where the host is asked under life threatening situation to break the seal.


11 Website Shutdowns

11.1 Flitopia.co may become temporarily inaccessible periodically for maintenance activities.

11.2 In case of a maintenance activity occurring, customers and hosts will be notified in advance. Customers will be advised not to make any bookings on the planned maintenance activity date.

11.3 In case a booking is made on a date when maintenance activity is scheduled, complete refund will be made to customer.

11.4 In case a maintenance activity is urgent and customers and hosts are not notified in advance about it, then any booking not getting checked-in will be refunded.

11.5 Refunds resulting from clause 12.3 and 12.4 will be made within 7 working days of maintenance activity date. In case, refund takes more than 7 days, customers are recommended to contact Flitopia.


12. Changes to the Policy

12.1 Flitopia may amend the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any changes to Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy, customers will be notified by email.