Why Use Flitopia?

Luggage Free Movement

Because luggage slows you down! Let’s accept this. You don’t always have the luxury to go back to your car, hotel or home to stash your stuff in order to move forward with a plan.

We want you to check out your favorite places while we take care of your bags!

No More Transit Waiting

How many times it has happened that you have a flight, bus or a train to catch at a transit point and you have to spend hours glued to a seat? Because, bags!

We don’t want you sit idle like this fellow. Instead we want you to go out and explore while our hosts take care of your stuff!

Safe and Secure Storage

All your bags are stored at safe places within our host locations and are always kept sealed.

When you check in at the location, your bag is secured with a one-time use seal carrying a unique serial number (available at all partner locations). Only you’re authorized to break the seal when you pick up your bags on return.


All bags stored with Flitopia hosts are insured up to $1000 per bag.

All this so that you can travel without worrying for your stuff.

Physically Verified Hosts

All Flitopia hosts are 100{947058a937bdf3f7fb33575d08ed6b619aa41cdde4bb3c24ff358be8974e8136} physically verified. We make sure that your luggage is in safe hands.