Why Become a Flitopia Host?

Extra Income

Because if you have free space in your shop, why not use it to earn some extra income?

It's Easy and Fast

We know the essence of your time! Therefore we have kept our operations and system  interface simple and super user friendly.

Once a customer visits host location, you only have to do 1) online check-in, 2) put seal on bags and 3) then keep them in storage. This whole process can be completed within 3 minutes! You can then continue with your business as usual and just need to hand over the bags on return.

Safe Transactions

All transactions are safe and payments are made by customers at the time of booking.

More Customers

As Flitopia customers will head to your business to store their luggage, they’re likely to make purchases too. They may stop by to find a book, grab a cup of coffee, buy a gift or any other stuff they find interesting at your place.

Business Promotion

Flitopia offers its hosts awesome opportunities to market their businesses.

Hosts will have their dedicated pages on Flitopia website as well as mentions on Flitopia’s social media profiles.